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Benjamin E. Burgholzer

Welcome to Outdoorsman, Writer, Educator

Exploring ideas about what it means to be a modern outdoorsman, conservationist, educator, and environmentalist and most importantly, how this impacts how and what we eat. See below for my blog and other published work.

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About Me

My name is Benjamin Burgholzer. I hold a PhD from Binghamton University in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. My dissertation and first book is an analysis through creative nonfiction of the connections between two contemporary American crises: the addiction and environmental crisis. If you're interested in sampling some of this book, six chapters are currently published in various literary journals and anthologies, which you can find links to in the Publications section of the site. When I'm not teaching or writing, I spend as much time as possible outdoors. Being in the woods, fly fishing, hiking and hunting have meant many different things to me at different times throughout my life. Heading to the outdoors always feels like going home to me. In the last few years, my main focus has been hunting as a means of a sustainable, eco-friendly protein source, and all the tasty recipes that come with it.

Here you will find my blog and publications exploring ideas about what it means to be a modern outdoorsman, conservationist, educator and environmentalist with the goal being to educate and initiate public discussions between outdoorsman and the general public. This will also include recipe ideas and information about cooking wild game. You may also find ideas and thoughts on my more academic research on ecocriticism, energy humanities, and academia in general.

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Eugene, Oregon

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